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Thursday9:30 AM–8 PM
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Address: 3528 Teays Valley Road, Hurricane, WV 25526

Phone: (681) 233-3278


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Nails Lux | Hurricane WV – Facebook

Nails Lux, Hurricane, West Virginia. 1930 likes · 34 talking about this · 616 were here. Nail Salon.

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Erika Jefferson

Absolutely AMAZING! Got in super quick without an appointment! Super friendly and they did amazing work! I used to go to Aria’s but since they’ve changed owners, they’re not as great anymore. Nails Lux is the place to go! This is definitely my new salon, I recommend them to everyone I know!! I tried a new shape and they did an amazing job! ( I normally get coffin, this time I got almond)

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Heather Busby

I will not be returning ever again. I saw great reviews and loved the designs. I tried to get a simple gingerbread man on my ring fingers. They tried to use a top coat instead of the actual color I wanted. But it could’ve turned out okay except he left my nails chunky, horrible design, cut me, didn’t file them down all the way and left paint all over my fingers, and did not do a good design. Very disappointing as I was super excited to get the gingerbread for Christmas season.

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Danielle Lang

I have been here multiple times and no matter who does my nails it’s great! Today I got mail art for the first time and OMG I’m in love ! I showed them an inspiration photo and it’s DEAD ON! I couldn’t be happier !

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Adrienne Lane

I absolutely LOVE this place. I have been many times and can always do an awesome job on designs. I dont want to say they are limited on colors but you do have to talk with them and make sure that the colors you want come in the form you want them. Some colors they have only as a dip and some are only as paint on and so on and so forth but that is the ONLY thing, just make sure you come to an agreement on everything before you begin.

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michelle mccord

I never leave reviews, but this place killed it

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Anita Scott

Today was the third time I have had an issue with this salon. The first time I was cut by the dremmel three times by the young slender male one of which was bad enough to bleed for quite a while. The next time I paid with my card and tipped in cash but was still charged $10 more than I signed the receipt for. They credited me $10 this time for that and it is one of the reasons they get two stars instead of one. I had told them I wanted to change the polish on my toes as well and they went to the cash register after my nails were done so I ended up going back a few days later but before I found the incorrect charge to get that done.

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I’m from out of town and used Google to find a nail salon. I thought it was a good choice looking at the reviews. Here are the pros: clean, I was thanked for my patience, and a large color selection and that’s it. The cons: I waited over 30 minutes in a waterless pedicure massage chair just to be charged for a ‘spa pedicure ‘ that lasted less than 15 minutes. It was rushed without a decent foot and leg massage. When I finally did get water in the foot tub, it was lukewarm. I asked for warmer water and never got it. One lady got a 45 minute pedicure and clay mask on her feet and legs. I was not asked what type of pedicure or manicure I wanted or told the different options ( regular, spa, deluxe, etc.) She barely swiped the pumice across my feet. Then she proceeds to rush through my manicure. All the time I waited in the massage chair with no water, my feet could have been soaking. Google has them closing at 8, but their hours posted on the entrance says 730pm. The price list was on a board but partially covered by some plants and shelving, so it was not clear what and how exactly how my total came to 86.00. My visit was not worth 86 bucks…a waste of time and money. I rated them one star, but that’s because I had to.

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Madison Parsons

Wonderful experience I’ll be going here from now on ❤️Acrylic nails

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Cappie Scales

Everything was amazing and I do recommend going there to get ur nails done.

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Tera Merritt

Great manicure and pedicure! I got dipping powder on fingernails a second time and wonderful service as usual. Love my nails!

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Nails lux - Hurricane, WV 25526 - Services and Reviews (2024)


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