How To: Try IPL Long Term Hair Removal (2024)

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How To: Try IPL Long Term Hair Removal - nz

Apr 14. 2021 by Shaver Shop Team

Are you tired of ongoing salon visits and costs? Have you ever thought of maintaining your hair removal routine in the comfort of your home instead? Let us introduce you to IPL...

What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and when used correctly, this revolutionary technology provides long-term hair reduction. Basically, the melanin in your hair follicle absorbs the light from the IPL device and heats up, which then disables the hair follicle, preventing regrowth.

IPL is different to laser in terms of treatment area size, intensity, pain levels and safety. A laser generally has a smaller treatment area compared to an IPL device and emits a single wavelength of light. IPL devices produce a wide range of wavelengths (colours) of light to produce a single white flash of light.

Will it work for me?

At-home IPL is suitable for people aged 18 and over, depending on your hair and skin colour~. IPL is not suitable if you are undergoing a self-tanning regime (artificial or natural). There may be photosensitive properties in the self-tan moisturisers that could affect your skin’s reaction to IPL or your skin may be extra sensitive following sun exposure. So if you’re going to do at home IPL, best to put the bottle down and/or stay out of the sun for at least four weeks prior.

~Always read the instructions and use only as directed. Not suitable for red, light blonde, white/grey hair or even dark skin.

What device best suits me?

There are many questions to ask yourself before purchasing an IPL device - what areas do you want to treat? What's your hair type? Do you require a fast treatment or do you have more time to spend on a treatment? What's your budget? We've listed some of our top picks to get your started on options.

The Philips Lumea Advanced is a safe, gentle yet effective device which claims at least 85% hair reduction in as little as three treatments^. Requiring no gels or oils for treatment, you can get treat most body areas including arms, legs, legs, underarms, belly and bikini. It's not recommended for facial hair removal but a great option for those whose main concern is reducing body hair.

^Measured on legs, 67% out of 45 women reach 85% or higher results.

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A five star best seller, the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 has been a popular choice with its ability to treat most body areas as well your face with a precision head attachment included to target smaller areas. Braun claims the Pro 5 can permanently reduce hair in just four weeks¹, plus it has three comfort modes to suit your preference from normal, gentle or extra gentle. Not only will you get a safe and effective treatment, it will also be time saving with it's glide and stamp mode to treat larger body areas quickly.

¹ Assessed on lower leg, armpits & bikini, following the treatment schedule. Individual results may vary. Efficiency based on the combination of window size, speed and energy. Safety technology shared with Cyden.

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Last but not least, theSmoothSkin Bare Plusis another powerful IPL system which is known to be ultra fast. With unlimited flashes, you can complete a full body treatment including lower and upper legs, bikini line and underarms in under 10 minutes. By treating your desired area once a week you can start to see results in as little as 4 weeks so you'll never again worry about stubbly legs or prickly underarms!

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Top tips for at-home IPL

1. Before you get started, make sure you shave the treatment area first - do NOT wax, pluck or epilate. You want the hair follicles intact in order for the device to detect and eliminate.

2. Stay out of the sun as your skin is a lot more susceptible to getting burnt. If you do need to go outside, we recommend you slap on some sunscreen or cover up your treated areas.

3. It is advisable to wear loose clothing to allow the area to breathe and avoid irritation.

4. Within the first day or so after treatment, you skin may look or feel irritated which is normal. Use a soothing lotion if irritation occurs or see your GP if symptoms persist.

5. Don’t pluck or wax the hair which comes through after the treatment, manage the growth by shaving until your next application.

6. Stagger your treatments once per week for 12 weeks, then top up as required, around once every four to eight weeks.

To view our entire IPL range, click here.

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How To: Try IPL Long Term Hair Removal (2024)


Is it possible to remove 100% of hairs with IPL? ›

However, we can only achieve approximately 70% to 90% hair reduction, no IPL system can achieve 100% hair removal though what is remaining is generally lighter and finer. The number of sessions required depends on your hair and skin colour and how your body responds to the treatments.

How can I maximize my IPL hair removal? ›

To maximise your success rate, don't fake tan for four weeks before treatment as the lighter the skin, the easier it is to target the hair. The energy from the laser will be absorbed into tanned skin rather than the follicle and burning or discoloration may occur.

How long does IPL take to permanently remove hair? ›

After completing a session of 12 weeks, the hair growth will reduce completely, providing you with silky, smooth skin for a longer time. However, you may have to continue touch-ups as needed. It is most effective on darker coloured body hair, as the melanin absorbs the light.

Does IPL hair removal work long term? ›

Many people report they achieve permanent hair reduction after just a few treatments. However, some people may require touch-ups every few years to keep those hair bulbs from sprouting out new follicles. IPL hair removal treatments are a great way to achieve long-lasting results without the hassle of shaving or waxing.

How many sessions of IPL for permanent hair removal? ›

Treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart due to the hair growth cycle. To gain the maximum benefit of IPL Hair Removal, clinical studies have shown that typically 6-10 treatments are needed and at intervals 4-6 weeks apart. Results will vary depending on hair colour, skin type and the condition of your hair.

Can IPL remove all pubic hair? ›

IPL hair removal is a progressive treatment that offers full body hair removal - but you can use IPL to treat separate areas, such as your arms, legs, or pubic area, depending on your individual needs.

What happens if you use IPL without shaving? ›

If you're not shaving before IPL/SHR hair removal, the light energy may not reach all hair follicles, resulting in an uneven hair reduction. If you're not shaving before IPL/SHR hair removal, you may experience razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Do I have to shave every time I use IPL? ›

Like any form of laser hair removal or salon Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) procedures, you have to shave. It is not advisable to wax, epilate or pluck, because IPL hair removal treatment requires the hair to be intact with the hair follicle to be effective.

Why is my IPL hair removal not working? ›

You Have a Hormonal Imbalance Affecting IPL Treatment

Another common reason why IPL hair removal doesn't work boils down to hormones. While IPL can be a great fit for PCOS hair removal, in other cases hormonal conditions can lead to ineffective hair removal. This may be the case if IPL's not working on facial hair.

What is the strongest at home IPL device? ›

Most powerful: SmoothSkin Pure Fit IPL Hair Removal Device

The Pure Fit is an easy to use IPL device that achieves up to 99% hair reduction in 12 weeks, and visible results in just 2 weeks. It stands out as one of the most fast and powerful hair removal devices on the market.

What is the most permanent form of hair removal? ›

The practitioner should use needle electrolysis, which is the only permanent form of hair removal. Some places may advertise electrolysis but use electronic tweezers or photoepilators instead.

What is the success rate of IPL hair removal? ›

IPL treatments, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Aesthetic Dermatology, show that people get 83.3% less hair growth after one month and 78.1% less after three months.

What are the downsides of IPL? ›

While IPL therapy offers numerous advantages, it is essential to acknowledge its potential drawbacks and risks. One of the most significant concerns associated with IPL treatment is the risk of burns or skin discoloration, particularly in people with darker skin tones.

What happens if you use IPL too often? ›

You can overuse at-home IPL. If you use your device too often, you won't speed up your hair removal treatments and could set yourself up for side effects. Like nearly everything in life, IPL works best when following the recommended treatment plans. That's typically twice a week over 8 weeks, for starters.

Can home IPL be permanent? ›

It can also be hormone related thus varying from one individual to the other. This in itself helps you understand that there is no permanent hair removal using IPL because there are a series of treatments that have to be done periodically. One or two hair follicles may grow back.

Is laser hair removal 100 safe? ›

It's not permanent, but the results last longer than shaving or waxing. Most people need about six treatments. It's usually safe, but side effects can include burns, scars or permanent skin discoloration.

Can IPL remove thick hair? ›

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

In fact, with IPL you can remove both small and large areas of hair in just a few sessions. Stop wasting time shaving and waxing! Book an IPL treatment and prepare to be amazed by the results.

Does IPL work if you don't shave? ›

You need a small amount of hair visible at the surface of the skin for the IPL light to effectively destroy the follicle. Shaving the area being treated will help the laser focus beneath the skin and improve the results. If there's a lot of hair on the surface, a lot less light energy makes it deep into the follicle.


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