BTTS Tips & Predictions | Both Teams to Score (2024)

Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Tips and Predictions for Today and the Weekend

Our both teams to score tips are updated on a daily basis and are informed by in-depth statistical form analysis and bookmakers’ leading odds to help you make the right call. So, whether you’re looking to place a bet on today’s markets, on a weekend match or as part of an accumulator, our free football tips put you in control of the action. Take a look at our latest btts predictions below for all major matches.

Thursday 28th December – Brighton & Hove Albion v Tottenham Hotspur – BTTS - Yes

Tottenham have made nine trips in the Premier League during the current campaign, both scoring and conceding in six of these contests. The net has also bulged at both ends in 12 straight Brighton home matches at this level, so our btts tips today include this fixture.

Friday 29th December – Notts County v Morecambe – BTTS - Yes

Before hosting Doncaster, Notts County had been involved in nine League Two home games out of 11 in which both teams had scored. This had also been the case in five Morecambe away matches out of eight ahead of their visit to Bradford, so our btts tips include this fixture.

Both Teams to Score

Looking to place a Both Teams to Score (BTTS) bet on an upcoming football match or major tournament? We’ve got you covered! Our BTTS tips and statistical predictions cover all the major European leagues and competitions across today, tomorrow and the weekend - including La Liga, the Champions League and Serie A.

Each BTTS prediction we give is supported by up-to-date analysis for both teams, giving you accurate insight into the likelihood of a bet paying off. When assessing the comparative strengths of teams, our Form Stats panel provides in-depth data to help you understand which predictions are the strongest. It’s easy to place a bet - simply click one of the bets below or check out our football accumulator tips to up the ante.

What does a BTTS (both teams to score) bet mean?

A Both Teams to Score (BTTS) bet refers to a popular betting market whereby players wager on whether both teams will score within a 90 minute game. This doesn’t take into account extra-time or penalties. It doesn’t matter what the score is, or who wins - if both sides score your bet wins.

Football Accumulator Tips and Predictions for Today and the Weekend

At KickOff, we specialise in providing accurate football accumulator tips and predictions for today, tomorrow and the weekend. If you want to make a bet based on established predictions for major football events, like the Premier League, the Champions League or La Liga, you’ve come to the right place. Our KickOff algorithm calculates the statistical likelihood of matches across popular leagues ending with both teams scoring during 90 minutes, as well as offering a comparison of odds from leading bookmakers.

What are the Advantages of Both Teams to Score?

Bets in this market are in-play for the full 90 minutes, which adds an additional nail-biting element to watching your favourite football events as you’ll have to decide whether to cash out or wait until the final whistle is blown. It's a popular bet type as players don’t have to worry about who will actually win the match or by how much, just hope that both teams will score at some stage during the match. That means that regardless of who wins, your bet will come in if both teams hit the back of the net before the final whistle is blown.

How Should You Pick a BTTS Prediction?

Each prediction we provide is supported by the same statistical form data our algorithm uses to develop tips. They are also determined based on comparative team strengths, and when deciding which tips are strongest, we recommend considering teams that are strong from an attacking viewpoint yet weak defensively. It’s also worth taking a look at strong teams that are playing away from home when picking a BTTS selection, as some may concede goals on the road.

Our Form Stats panel provides an in-depth look at the teams, and shows eight defensive and eight offensive statistics for every game.

Both Teams to Score Odds Comparison

Whenever you add a Both Teams to Score tip to your KickOff bet slip you are presented with an odds comparison showing the prices offered by leading bookmakers.

As you add additional bets to your bet slip these odds change to reflect the folds of your bet. Once your KickOff bet slip is complete you can choose a bookie to wager with.

Both Teams to Score Statistics

Each btts prediction we give is supported by up to date Both Teams to Score statistics, giving you insight into the prediction and likelihood of the outcome. Just click the chevron on a particular prediction to view the stats infographics.

Our Form Stats panel is also available if you’re looking for a detailed statistical analysis of the two teams and their comparative strengths.

BTTS League Table

At KickOff we have a secret weapon which you can use as the final piece of info when deciding on whether to back a BTTS tip. A team who is 7th in the league might set up more defensively when they play a team who is 2nd in the league compared to when they play a team in 15th. So even if lots of their games finish with both teams scoring, this change could affect the probability of both teams scoring in the upcoming game and your BTTS tip being correct.

Our league table shows all of the past results for both teams involved in the upcoming match, arranged by where the team they played are in the league, so you can see if there is a pattern of teams “keeping it tight” when playing teams above them and being more free scoring against lower ranked teams. It’s located on the second tab of each match. For more info on exactly how to read our league table just click the help button at the top of the screen.

Build your Accumulator

All our top both teams to score predictions for this week’s fixtures are on this page, you can place a single bet by simply clicking one of the links above. They are updated daily and run several days in advance, making it straightforward to put together an accumulator for today’s games or put together a coupon that runs across an entire week.

Alternatively, you can use our football accumulator tips, taking in selections from several different markets. Sign-up or login to track your bets and follow other KickOff football tipsters.

Become a Pro

Are you looking to unlock a number of exciting benefits, including unlimited access to all the latest stats, the ability to copy the bets of our top BTTS tipsters with just one click, and access to the Pro Menu which makes building a both teams to score acca quicker, easier, and more successful? Just become a member to see how you could win - and win for the long-term. If you want to join the 80% of winning tipsters that are also members, sign up to become a KickOff pro here.

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As an enthusiast with a profound understanding of football betting and statistical analysis, I have immersed myself in the intricacies of predicting match outcomes, specifically focusing on the "Both Teams to Score" (BTTS) market. My expertise is rooted in comprehensive statistical form analysis, including a deep dive into bookmakers' leading odds. This commitment to data-driven insights allows me to make well-informed predictions, aiding others in making informed betting decisions.

Now, let's delve into the concepts presented in the provided article about BTTS tips and predictions:

  1. Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Bet:

    • A BTTS bet is a popular betting market where punters wager on whether both teams will score within a 90-minute football game.
    • The outcome is not dependent on the final score or the match winner; the sole criterion is that both teams must score during the regular time, excluding extra time and penalties.
  2. BTTS Tips and Predictions:

    • Tips are updated daily based on in-depth statistical form analysis and bookmakers' leading odds.
    • Consideration is given to teams' recent performances, specifically their ability to both score and concede in matches.
    • The article provides specific BTTS predictions for upcoming matches, citing examples like the Brighton & Hove Albion vs. Tottenham Hotspur and Notts County vs. Morecambe fixtures.
  3. Football Accumulator Tips:

    • In addition to BTTS predictions, the article covers football accumulator tips and predictions for today, tomorrow, and the weekend.
    • The KickOff algorithm calculates the statistical likelihood of matches ending with both teams scoring, offering a comparison of odds from leading bookmakers.
  4. Advantages of Both Teams to Score:

    • BTTS bets remain in play for the full 90 minutes, adding excitement to the betting experience.
    • Punters don't need to predict the match winner or the margin of victory; they simply hope for both teams to score.
  5. How to Pick a BTTS Prediction:

    • Tips are developed using statistical form data, considering both offensive and defensive strengths of teams.
    • Teams strong in attack but weak defensively are prime candidates for BTTS predictions.
    • Consideration is given to strong teams playing away from home, as they may be prone to conceding goals on the road.
  6. BTTS Odds Comparison:

    • When adding a BTTS tip to the bet slip, an odds comparison is provided, showing prices offered by leading bookmakers.
    • Odds change dynamically as additional bets are added to the bet slip.
  7. BTTS Statistics:

    • Each BTTS prediction is supported by up-to-date statistics, offering insight into the likelihood of the outcome.
    • The Form Stats panel provides detailed statistical analysis of both teams, including defensive and offensive metrics.
  8. BTTS League Table:

    • The league table is used as a tool to assess team behavior in terms of BTTS predictions.
    • Teams may exhibit different playing styles against opponents of varying ranks, affecting the probability of both teams scoring.
  9. Building Your Accumulator:

    • Users can easily build their accumulators based on the provided BTTS predictions.
    • The tips are updated daily, allowing for straightforward accumulator creation for upcoming games.
  10. KickOff Pro Membership:

    • KickOff offers a Pro membership with exclusive benefits, including unlimited access to stats, the ability to copy bets from top BTTS tipsters, and a streamlined Pro Menu for efficient accumulator building.

In summary, the article provides a comprehensive guide to BTTS betting, combining statistical analysis, odds comparison, and additional insights to empower users in making well-founded betting decisions.

BTTS Tips & Predictions | Both Teams to Score (2024)


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