Best Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (2024)

Looking for Best Epilator for Women? We will help you out in finding the one. Girls are always possessive in terms of skincare. We have all been through this. For hair removing we have always recommended epilation instead of other processes.

We have come across many ladies epilators while doing our research. The best part? We tested them to know about its quality. As well as listening to buyer’s reviews helped us a lot in making the list more to the point.

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    • 1. Braun Silk Epil 9 – 961V
      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
    • 2. Panasonic ES-ED 90-P
      • Construction:
      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
    • 3. Philips Satinelle Advanced BRE615
      • Construction:
      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
      • Construction:
      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
    • 5. Braun Silk Epil 3 3-270
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      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
    • 6. Emjoi eRase e60 - Appealing colored
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      • Key Features
      • Performance Review
    • 7. Voyor BM310 Hair Removal Epilator
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    • 8. Braun Face 851 - Women's Miniature Epilator
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Top Picks

Best High-End

Phillips Advanced BRE615

Best Epilator For Women

Best Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (3)

We have made a list of Best ladies epilator by mentioning each and every minor key feature of it. Let’s move on and discover them.

List of Best Epilators For Women





Braun Silk Epil 9 – 961V



Panasonic ES-ED 90-P



Philips Satinelle Advanced BRE615



Panasonic ES-EL 7A-P



Braun Silk Epil 3 3-270



Emjoi eRase e60



Voyor BM310 Hair Removal Epilator



Braun Face 851



1. Braun Silk Epil 9 – 961V Best Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (4)

Braun Silk Epil 9 – 961V is a 5-in-1 epilation system which makes it a complete hair removal package. Are you tired of spa visits now and then? Want to save a few extra bucks?

Then you have got to grab this all-in-one hair removal powerhouse known for being the Best epilator for women.

Here, I am not saying that it’s an inexpensive device but trust me all its attachments, excellent features, and efficient functioning makes it worth the price.

Let’s discuss in detail,


  • Epilate, shave and exfoliate
  • 40% wider epilation head
  • Efficient epilation
  • 100% waterproof
  • Wet and Dry Use
  • Cordless


  • Expensive
  • Massage Head and Exfoliating Brushes may cover more surface area.

Key Features

Full Epilation Head

Its 40% wider epilation head equipped with 40 tweezers makes the whole epilation process away quicker and efficient. It is one of the best epilators whose micro grip tweezers technology is capable of catching small hairs of up to 0.5mm, leaving the skin much smoother and more apparent.

Smart Light

It features a bright light that guides you during epilation and helps you to track down even the most delicate hairs.

Two Operational Speeds

It provides you with two-speed settings that allow for adjusting the epilation speed as per your convenience and comfort.

Pivoting Head

The pivoting head makes the whole process a lot easier as it follows the contours of your body and remains in contact with the skin to minimize the chance of missing spots.

Pulsating Vibrations

Braun Silk Epil 9 introduced an innovative feature of pulsating vibrations that intentionally vibrates the device during epilation to make it less painful by distracting your nerve endings while tweezers are doing their job.

Two Exfoliation Brushes

One of the common side-effects of epilation is ingrown hairs which can be avoided with the help of exfoliation. Keeping this in mind, Braun Silk Epil 9 brings along two exfoliation brushes. One is designed to be used on the whole body and the other one specifically for sensitive areas and decolletage. Exfoliating your body with these brushes before epilating can prevent ingrown hairs from resultantly a brightened skin.

Epilator Skin Caps

The Braun Silk Epil 9 has two types of skin caps for better hair removal process and skin contact. The wider cap is for, the larger areas such as legs, and the smaller cap are for smaller spaces that require precision and detailing such as upper lips.

Shaver Head and Trimmer

To epilate longer hair is not easy, and you have to trim long hair short for better depilation. Keeping this in mind, Braun Silk Epil includes a Shaver head and a trimmer Cap that helps you to prepare for a hair removal session. Shaver head can be used with or without a trimmer cap for quick touch-ups too. It works excellent and gives a close shave, especially in sensitive areas.

Deep Body Massage Head

It helps in stimulating blood circulation and relaxing the body. As well as, It assists in relieving the pain and provides you with post epilation comfort. Whereas, It also stimulates rejuvenation and healing, leaving your skin better looking.


Braun Silk Epil 9 is a cordless epilator which allows its use in a bathtub or the shower. It takes 60 minutes to get fully charged for 40 minutes of operation.

Performance Review

Braun Silk Epil 9-961 effectively removes hair by pulling them off instead of breaking. Surprisingly enough, it is way less painful in a warm shower. Massage head does what it is meant for, but we wish it could cover a more surface area. The same goes for exfoliation brushes.

As a whole, it’s worth the price being Best Epilator for women.

2. Panasonic ES-ED 90-P Best Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (5)

Can I be frank with you? It is not a 100 % painless epilator but trusts me there is none. Epilation is somehow synonymous with pain, and it’s silly to expect zero pain while yanking hairs from the root.

But the good news is Panasonic ES-ED 90-P is one of the least painful epilators that we tried. It can be used on legs, arms, underarms and bikini area, leaving skin smoother and softened.


Panasonic ED 90 is a versatile epilator having an Oval shaped body that perfectly fits in one’s hand. Its light and compact design make it an excellent travel epilator.

Its epilation head pivots at 60 degrees that move along the contours of the women’s body and allows it to reach hard to access areas. It comes with six snap-on attachments and many superb features.


  • Less Painful Epilator
  • Efficient epilation experience
  • Foot Care Head
  • Two different sized epilation heads
  • Wet and Dry Use
  • Built-in LED Light
  • Shaving with trimmer
  • Not loud


  • Can’t use while charging
  • Leaves very fine hairs
  • Short battery life

48 Tweezers

It is equipped with 48 metal tweezers arranged on dual full discs that allow fast epilation by removing more hair in one go. It works excellent when it comes to epilation. Yeah, it requires multiple swipes on stubborn hair, but that’s the case with almost every other epilator.

Epilation Gentle Cap

More tweezers mean more hair removal in a single pass consequently more pain. Thus, to reduce pain Panasonic includes a gentle epilation cap that covers some of the tweezers and stops the contact of all 48 tweezers with hairs.

Dual speed options

It offers double-speed settings, Higher speed is identified as Normal Speed and a slower speed as Soft Speed. You can easily adjust the depilation speed to your convenience.

Cordless Epilator

Panasonic EP is an ideal cordless epilator that can be used cordless only. It operates for 30 to 40 minutes with a single charge which is quite well.


It’s 100% Waterproof and can be used dry and wet or to apply gel, soap or shaving gel. Using foam or gel can reduce pain. It is made up of plastic with no extra grip surface, which may make it a bit slippery in the shower.

Foot Care Head

It includes a foot filing head that contains a pumice stone that rotates and removes the calluses and dead skin from feet. This is an excellent addition to the epilator set, which efficiently removes the dead skin. Being electric it works so much faster than the manual filing, and you can see the hard surface coming off. It can be used dry only.

LED Light

It has an in-built LED light for extra visibility that helps you understand the finest and hard to see hairs.

Two Epilation Head

The Large Dual Disc Epilator Head with more tweezers to be used on larger areas and a smaller Gentle Epilator Head with a smaller surface area having fewer tweezers to be used in underarms. You may use the smaller epilator head on other parts too if you are a beginner and a large epilator head frightens you at the start.

Shaver head with bikini comb

Besides the epilation head, it also has a shaver head with hypoallergenic blades and protective foil that makes it suitable to be used on sensitive areas where epilation can be irritating and uncomfortable. The Shaver Head, coupled with a bikini comb, can be used to neaten up the bikini area or to trim hair to an ideal length from any part of the body.


You can wash most of the attachments under running water, allowing better cleaning and hygiene.

Battery Life

It is a rechargeable product that holds a charge for about 30 minutes only. Some consider it too short, and this is one of the negatives of Panasonic ES-ED 90-P.

Performance Review

It firmly grabs and pulls out hair swiftly at the root. In some of the areas, you may require multiple passes, especially to catch stubborn hairs. It works brilliantly on sensitive areas though. You should trim your hair to 4mm for effective hair epilation.

Its pivoting head glides smoothly and reaches the tricky points well. It is one of the least pain giving epilators. By using it under a warm shower further reduces the pain. You may get little red bumps after using this but fret not; It will fade away after some time.

3. Philips Satinelle Advanced BRE615 Best Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (6)

Philips Satinelle Advanced BRE615 is a full body epilator that can be used anywhere on your body; face, arms, legs, underarms, and bikini areas ultimately the Best Epilator for women. It comes with a superb 5 minutes quick charge feature. What’s that? Well, keep reading then.


It is a versatile, lightweight epilator with a chic design. It has a stunning sleek design with an ergonomic S-shaped handle that is great for full body hair removal. It’s convenient and easy to move over your body. It has ceramic discs for epilation instead of metallic ones.

Let’s dig a little deeper.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • 5 minutes Quick- Charge
  • 2 separate precision Caps for facial and Delicate Areas
  • Wet and Dry Use
  • Cordless
  • Not that loud


  • Multiple passes require on some areas
  • Cannot be used while charging

Key Features

Rechargeable Battery

It features a lithium-Ion battery that takes 1.5 hours to charge fully and then operates for about 40 minutes. One of the best add-ins is a 5minutes quick charge. If you are in a hurry and your device is not charged already then you can put it on charge for 5 minutes and ta-da here it is ready for one-time epilation.

Extra Wide Epilation Head

It has an extra-wide epilation head that covers more surface area. The head is equipped with 32 ceramic tweezing discs that rotate faster and capture more hair in one go. Ceramic discs have a firmer grip and pluck hairs off the root. It leaves your skin smooth and soft for up to 4 weeks.

Dry and Wet Use

You can use it in both dry and wet environments. Using an epilator in the shower makes it a bit less painful, but you may lack efficacy as wet hairs tend to stick with skin and are hard to capture. If you want better results, use it dry.

Two Speed options

It allows you to set the speed of rotating tweezers according to your comfort. You can use a slower pace for sensitive and detailed areas. Also, if you are a beginner, you may start at a leisurely pace. A faster speed would be high for stubborn and coarse hair or larger areas.

Facial and Delicate Area Caps

It brings along two extra caps that help in making the whole epilating session a bit less painful and more comfortable. These caps can easily be put on the epilation head covering half of the tweezers for better precision. Facial Area Cap is used while using your Philips Satinelle Advanced BRE615 as the best epilator for women on your face. The other Delicate Area Cap is suitable for use on bikini lines and underarms.


It features an Opti-light that is placed for better visibility of beautiful hair and neat hair removal experience.

Performance Review

It has a broad epilation head that covers a large surface area, but it fails to grab very fine hairs, and you have to move it over and over on some areas for complete removal of hairs. Also, it sometimes breaks off coarser hairs instead of pulling it off of the roots. Epilation is never painless; you always have to bear with the pain.

Although, intensity can be varied as per individuals pain tolerance level or with the time you get used to the epilation process. It is no different than others, you will have to bear some pain, but it’s bearable and easy to handle. Using it under shower will reduce the pain sensation but will also affect the efficiency. For better results, use it dry.

4. Panasonic ES-EL 7A-PShaver & EpilatorBest Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (7)

Panasonic ES-EL 7A-P is an efficient epilator-cum-shaver that allows you to have a smooth, gentle, and neat looking skin. It is one of the best epilators for women that can be used to remove hairs from legs, arms, armpits, and bikini areas.


Panasonic ES-EL7A-P is an ergonomically designed efficient epilator that has a broad epilating head with a slim and smart handle that makes it easy to hold. The handle is much slender and provides a sure grip control in the shower and accessing the hard to reach areas.

Ready to know more?


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Three Speed Settings
  • Flexible Pivoting Head
  • Efficient Epilator
  • Shaver and trimmer head
  • Wet and Dry Use
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Cordless


  • Short Battery timing
  • Can’t be used while plugged in
  • Loud

Key Features

Large Epilation Head

It has a broad epilation head equipped with 60 hypoallergenic disc tweezers that cover a large surface area. A 1.25 inches large head can grab more hairs in one swipe, making the epilation procedure faster. Giving you nice and neat skin.

Pivoting Head

Its highly flexible 90 degrees pivoting head rotates smoothly along the curves of your body. It easily captures and removes hairs from underarms, knees, and other hard to reach areas.

Gentle Epilation Cap

It includes a soft epilation cap that ensures a gentler hair removal by keeping the skin taut and allows the depilation with the little pulling of the skin, consequently minimizing the pain. It is an excellent feature for beginners and to be used in smaller areas.

Sensitive Area Cap

It also brings along an extra cap that is to be used while removing hair from sensitive areas such as armpits and bikini line. Keeping the required precision insight, this Sensitive area cap is designed with a little opening so that it allows a lesser number of tweezer discs to capture and pluck off hairs.

Shaver and Pop-up trimmer head

It features a Shaver head with stainless steel blades to shave hairs from areas where you prefer shaving over epilation. The pop-up trimmer is an excellent addition to trim the hair short for a better hair removal experience.

Bikini Comb

The Bikini cap to be used along with a trimmer to cut long hairs to an ideal length for epilating or for thinning to reduce the volume of hairs.

Speed Modes

It is designed to be used on three different speed settings identified as Power, Normal, and Soft. You can adjust its speed to your convenience.

Wet and Dry Use

You can use it in the shower or out of the shower. You can use it with bath gel if that suits you.


Being cordless, you can use it anywhere without the worry of sticking to one place as is the case with corded epilators.

Battery Time

To fully charge the unit, you have to plug it in for 1 hour, and this will allow 30 minutes of operation.


It is entirely waterproof and washable. You can wash all the attachments and body under warm running water.

Performance Review

It’s an excellent epilator that grabs almost all hairs and plucks them off the roots. If you are a newbie and looking for a good epilator, then you should go for this one. It does its job well on dry hair and is much better than many of its competitors in the shower too.

Yet we will recommend to use it dry for efficiency. Now, coming to shaver head, may not give a very close shave as of few others but it’s still can be welcomed. The main concern of anyone who buys an epilator is the epilator rather than the Shaver I guess. Negatives are, the battery life is short, and the built-in light doesn’t serve its purpose.

5. Braun Silk Epil 3 3-270 Best Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (8)

Braun Silk Epil 3 3270 is not one of the latest launches, yet it made it to our best epilators list which shows that there must be something commendable about this oldie. Without any exaggeration, it is one of the reasonable best epilators for women.


It is a compact, oval-shaped device in pink and white colors. Strictly corded, with a size that perfectly fits in your hand. It has three extra attachments. What for? Let me explain.


  • Compact and Portable
  • Affordable Price
  • Smart Light
  • Shaver Head & trimmer Cap
  • Massage Rollers to reduce pain
  • Corded thus unlimited power


  • Corded only
  • Dry Use only
  • No extra caps for sensitive areas
  • Noisy
  • Painful Maybe

Key Features

Effective Hair Removal

Using its 20 tweezers system, it forcefully grabs and plucks hairs from roots. To further enhance the efficiency, it features a Soft Lift technology that lifts flat laying hairs and directs them to the tweezers so that no hair is felt behind.

Smart light

A built-in flash is positioned slightly below the epilator head to help you track down the tiniest hairs and ensure a clean softer skin.

Personalized Speed Settings

It comes with dual speed setting options that can be adjusted in accordance to an individual's needs. Speed 1 provides you with extra gentle epilation, and speed 2 is with extra efficient epilation.

Massage Rollers

Another highlight is the massage rollers that use micro pulsation to stimulate and massage your skin while epilating. It helps in pain reduction and tries to provide a comfortable hair removal experience.

Shaver Head and Trimmer Cap

If you are in the mood of shaving simply swap the epilation head with a shaver head which will let you shave hairs. This shaved head can be coupled with a trimmer cap to trim long hair short for better epilation.

Corded only

It's a fully corded epilator that can only be used while plugged in and you have to sit near the electric socket for using it as the cord is not long enough. But being corded makes it a powerful epilator and can be used unlimitedly.

Performance Review

Braun Silk Epil 3 3-270 does its job pretty well. Believe me, it hurts, but it works! It pulls out hair from the roots and gives you a smooth hair-free skin. But yeah, right after using you may have redness of skin but it will be okay after some time.

You need to be more vigilant while using sensitive areas as it does not have any extra caps for precision. Moreover, It is a bit time consuming because of a low number of tweezers but still an effective Braun epilator for women at quite a low price. If you are low on budget, you may want to try it.

6. Emjoi eRase e60 - Appealing coloredBest Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (9)

Girls get a little too excited when they have the option to choose from their favorite colors.

And I guess Emjoi knows the feeling!

Hence, It came up with its eRase60 epilator in several new cool colors appealing to the aesthetic sense of many women out there. Besides color, it's size adds in as it's a small irresistibly cute epilator that is even smaller than the size of your hand.

Moreover, Emjoi eRase60 is a full body epilator that is usable on the face, underarms, legs, arms, and bikini area, which means the best epilator for women. It is tiny but packed with almost all the features Emjoi is known for.

Still not convinced? Let's dive in.


Despite a small size, like other Emjoi epilators, it uses a Dual Head design and a patented three-disc system. The dual head is equipped with 60 tweezers that rotate in the opposite directions. It is a fully corded epilator that can only be used while plugged in. The power supply is designed for 100V to 240V, which makes it the right choice for travel.


  • Light and portable
  • Dual opposing Head
  • 60 tweezers
  • Shaver’s head
  • Great for underarms and bikini line
  • Dual Speed


  • Require multiple passes
  • Small epilating head
  • Dry Use only
  • Loud
  • No built-in smart light

Key Features

Dual Head Design

Its epilation head consists of Dual Head design with 60 tweezers that rotate in opposite directions when glides over the skin, stretches the skin, and allows for a comfortable and less irritating epilation. Moreover, it is coupled with guides that direct the hair into the tweezers to maximize efficiency and ensure maximum hair removal.

Patented Three Discs System

Along with Dual opposing Head, it utilizes the Patented three discs system with one fixed disc at the center and two movable discs on sides that open and shuts to pluck hair off the root to enhance the epilation process further.

Erase Glide Technology

For a faster and tidy epilation, it allows you to glide it in back and forth and in circular motions.

Sensitive Area Cap

It brings along an extra cap to be used on sensitive areas. If you are using the epilator on delicate areas such as the face, armpits or bikini line, then you can utilize it for better precision, comfort, and safety.

By putting it on the epilator head, it will cover half of the tweezers and narrow down the epilation area to just the center part of the head, including the sides. Thus, it limits the number of tweezers to pluck off hair, consequently lessen the pain. Also, use it if you are a beginner.

Shaver Head Attachment

There are always some areas where we prefer shaving over epilation or sometimes when we are in a rush we prefer to opt for shaving rather than epilation. For all such situations, eRase comes with a new shaver head that is easy to swap with the epilation head and use.

Dry use only

If you are one of those who loves the idea of wet epilation, then I'm sorry this is not for you. It is a Dry only epilator, and you cannot use it under the shower, in a bathtub, or with some gel or foam.

Customized Speed Settings

It allows you to control the speed as per your preference and suitability. It has dual speed settings.

Protective Covers

It includes two plastic covers to protect the heads when they are not in use.

Performance Review

Though the number of tweezers is high because of a small epilation head, it takes much time when working on larger areas like legs. Emjoi claims that with eRase60 you can get rid of hairs as short as 0.3mm, but unfortunately it doesn't do well on short hairs. Also, it requires multiple passes to remove stubborn hair.

Its small size makes it a Best epilator for women to be used in underarms or on the Bikini Area and with a large number of tweezers it can be a good option for beginners. It works excellent on underarms, but for the face, it is not that effective. It's a bit wider to be used on the front, and you have to tilt and position it in a way that only one head is in contact plus it's not right on short hair.

If you are not expecting as good shave as given by a three blades razor then this will not disappoint you. Yeah, but the shaver head is a little hard to maneuver on curvier parts. Pain is always there when it comes to epilation, but it's opposing dual-head by stretching the skin taut tried to lessen the discomfort.

Nevertheless, it's subjective, Some areas are more prone to pain, and some people have more pain tolerance. We cannot say it's painless or excruciating, but to us, the pain it gives is bearable.

7. Voyor BM310 Hair Removal Epilator Best Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (10)

VOYOR BM310 Hair Removal Epilator is a 3-in-1 Epilator set that is not a product by some of the big names on the market, yet it is one of the best epilators for women. It can beat many others when it comes to efficiency and durability.


It is a small bulky epilator with a beautiful grey and black feminine design on it. Though, it is cumbersome yet ergonomic, which is quite easy to use.

It comes with three multi-functional heads that can be replaced with each other and the blades used are stainless steel and hypoallergenic which minimize skin irritation during use. No doubt. It's home to some seriously great features.

Without further ado, let's jump right in.


  • Efficient Epilation
  • Callus Remover head is a bonus
  • Shaver and Trimmer Head
  • Best Travel Epilator
  • Gentle on skin
  • Cordless
  • Bulky yet ergonomic


  • Loud
  • Swapping multifunctional heads may take time

Key Features

Epilation Head

It has 32 micro grip tweezers that can grab hair as short as 0.5mm and pluck them off the roots leaving your skin smooth and hair-free.

Shaver and Trimmer Head

This makes it equally useful or both men and women. It's Shaver and trimmer head allows you to shave or trim hair that is long enough for epilation. Also, it is a full-fledged electric razor for men.

Callus Remover Head

It is one of the best-added features. You can use this head having a pumice stone, to remove the dead and hard skin from your feet to get soft, neat, and smooth feet.

Two Speed Settings

It comes with customized two-speed settings, that you can set according to your preference and need.


It's a cordless device that can be charged and used without being kept plugged in. This feature makes it mobile, and it can hold a charge for up to 40 minutes.

Blades are washable

It's not fully waterproof, but you can wash the edges for better hygiene.

Performance Review

Overall it's a good buy. If you have sensitive skin, then get it as it's gentle on skin. The epilating head is advantageous and removes hairs right from roots. Yet it leaves behind very fine hairs, but as a whole, it gives an excellent finish. You can count on this as one of the best facial epilators and it also works well on delicate areas.

Shaver head does not give as close and smoother a shave as many others can provide but is not too bad either. Callus Remover Head is a great addition. Epilation is never pain-free, but this one is comparatively less painful, and you won't regret buying it. A brilliant epilator at a much reasonable price.

8. Braun Face 851 - Women's Miniature EpilatorBest Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (11)

It is always hard when it comes to facial hair epilation. Admit it; you are still afraid to try any of the hair removing methods on your face whether it's for the first time or third. And using an epilator needs a lot of courage, right?

Well, Braun makes it easier for you with it's Braun Face 851 women's Miniature Epilator. It is not just an epilator but a complete face care product that's why it is also known as a "FaceSpa".


It is a compact, lightweight epilator having ten micro openings that can capture hair as short as 0.2mm. It is ergonomically designed with a long slim wand-like design that is quite easy to maneuver on the face. Cleansing brushes are easily replaceable. It is correctly build to be used anywhere on the face

So let's get down to it.


  • Epilation plus Facial cleansing
  • Effectively removes hairs
  • 100% waterproof
  • Dry and Wet Use
  • Travel Size


  • Not Rechargeable
  • The battery needs to be replaced often

Key Features

Efficient Facial Epilator

Its epilation head contains ten micro openings that rotate and give 200 plucking motion per second. It is quite effective at catching even the tiniest hairs as tiny as 0.2mm and pulling them off the roots giving you smooth hair-free skin. It's bi-directional that gives you the liberty to rotate it in any direction you are comfortable with.

Four Cleansing Brushes

It comes with four different cleansing brushes that collectively will not only ensure exfoliation and deep pore cleansing but will also help in relaxing your face muscles before and after the depilation.

Normal Brush

It is to be used on the face for removing makeup, dust, or impurities. It deeply cleanses your pore and is six times more effective than manual face cleansing.

Extra Sensitive Brush

If you have dry or excess sensitive skin, you can use this brush for cleaning your face for new clearer, and cleaner skin.

Exfoliation Brush

Exfoliation is a must and mandatory part of skincare. Afterall, Exfoliation lets you get rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin and clarify your complexion. Braun adds this exfoliation brush with numerous long and short bristles for the same purpose to be used weekly to get a radiant younger-looking skin.

Beauty Sponge

The fourth one is a round-shaped sponge that is supposed to be used to apply and massage moisturizers and creams more deeply and evenly into your skin. It can also be used to apply a perfectly even foundation for flawless-looking skin.


It's 100% waterproof and can be used in the shower or bathtub. If you want to use it with gel or foam, why not? Go for it.

Power Source

It's neither rechargeable nor corded but is powered by a single AA battery.

Performance Review

Its ergonomic design epilation head makes it easy to navigate on the face. Its precise epilation head does a great job of maintaining eyebrows and upper lips. It picks up almost all the hairs and gives you visibly hair-free skin. Pain is minimal, especially when epilated in the direction of the hair.

Exfoliation and deep cleansing brushes do their job well, and they are gentle on your skin. You will feel the difference after using these.

If you are struggling with facial hair, this is the solution for you. For more, have a look at Best Epilators for the face!

Buyer's Guide:

The more the options, the more the confusion!

There is a wide variety of epilators in the market to choose from with plenty of different features, specialties, accessories, and functions. They are all designed to meet your requirements, but obviously, every woman has different needs, preferences, and of course the budget. But here are some of the things you should always consider while selecting the best epilator for women.


Buying Guide Infographic

Best Epilator For Women - Top Epilators, Reviews & Buyer's Guide (12)

Corded or Cordless:

Well, you always have to choose between corded or cordless epilators as both have their positives and negatives. Cordless epilators give you the freedom to use it away from a power outlet, and you don't have to stick to one place. Also, it can be the best travel partner and you can conveniently use it anywhere. Moreover, you can take it in the shower or use it in a bathtub.

On the other hand, with a corded epilator, you are free from waiting for hours to get it charged up, and you don't have to worry about it running out of power in between the epilation session. Nevertheless, the corded epilator limits the use to dry only.

Wet or Dry Epilator:

If you are looking forward to having a less painful and messy epilation, then you may love this wet-use option. Using an epilator in warm water helps to relax the skin and open up pores resultantly you will have comparatively less painful and irritating hair removal. But the downside of using an epilator wet is that it doesn't remove hair as efficiently as using it dry.

On the contrary, dry epilation is far more effective and a little more painful. So if your pain tolerance is not that high go for an epilator that works in both wet and dry environments. Also if you are a beginner then, with this, you can start with a damp and later on the move to a dry epilation.

Many tweezers:

Another feature that can help you decide is the number of tweezers an epilator has. Remember, More the name of tweezers, more hair it can grab, which means more hair removal in less number of passes.

If you get an epilator with a low number of tweezers, you will have to spend more time. Moreover, multiple passes over the same area can irritate so you better spend some extra bucks and get an epilator with a good count of tweezers.

Adjustable Speed Option:

Out there in the market, you will find epilators having different options for operational speed settings. Whenever you decide to get an epilator to make sure to check the Speed settings it offers. Some come with only the ON/OFF button which allows you with no choice but to bear with the default speed it's set on.

Then, there are others with dual speed options or even three. Always go for the one which allows you to set its operational speed as per your preference.

Built-In Light:

There are many epilators available with a built-in illuminating light feature. However, It is a handy feature even if you are epilating in a well-lit room because there will always be some hairs that are hard to see. As a result, this smart light helps you track down even the most delicate strands.

Pivoting Head:

Always choose an epilator with a flexible pivoting head. An epilator with a nice pivoting head will follow the contours of your body and lets you reach the curvier parts a lot more easily.

Amount of Pain:

Let's get it straight for once, and all that epilation is not pain-free. Not just epilation, but any of the hair removal methods that involve plucking off hairs from the root going to hurt. Come on; you are pulling the hair out of the follicle, there's going to be a pain. Be brave!

But trust me if you fear pain, get yourself a Wet & Dry Model and use it in a warm shower or bathtub. In other words, it will significantly reduce pain.


Final Words

We hope after reading the full details of each epilator, You must be able to differentiate between the ones which you desire. But still, if you’re feeling confused. Not a problem. After reading all the reviews from different users and experiments. For instance, to sum up, the whole scenario, Braun Silk Epil 9-961V, and Phillips Advanced BRE615 are the Best epilators for women, you may never complain about. Give us feedback in the comment section and tell us which one you bought. We will be happy to know about it!

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