20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (2024)

If you’re looking for a fresh and trendy manicure idea for this summer, you might want to try vanilla chrome nails.

This nail trend is all about adding a pearlescent shine to your nails, creating a look that is elegant, chic, and versatile.

What Are Vanilla Chrome Nails?

As the name suggests, vanilla chrome nails are a variation of the popular chrome nail trend, which involves applying a metallic powder or polish over a base color to create a mirror-like effect.

Vanilla chrome nails, however, use a cream-colored base and white chrome powder to create a more subtle and sophisticated look. The result is a nail color that resembles a scoop of vanilla ice cream, with a hint of shimmer and shine!

Vanilla chrome nails are perfect for summer because they have a warm and cozy vibe, while also being light and bright. They can match any outfit and occasion, from casual to formal. They also look great on any nail shape and length, from short and round to long and almond.

How to Get Vanilla Chrome Nails at Home

First off, check out this oh-so-satisfying TikTok by @heygreatnails, who’s an expert on Vanilla Chrome Nails:

@heygreatnails Vanilla Chrome 🍨☁️✨ Classy, timeless, stylish and just perfect 😌🙌 Using: @gelcare Rose BB Cream | Oat | Discount code: AISTE Pearlescent pigment powder from Amazon linked in bio Inspired by @thehotblendofficial ✨ #nails #nailart #springnails ♬ original sound – Aistė

If you want to try vanilla chrome nails at home, you’ll need a few items:

  • A cream-colored nail polish
  • A white chrome powder or shimmery nail polish
  • A top coat
  • A sponge applicator or an eyeshadow brush

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start by applying two coats of cream-colored nail polish on your nails. Make sure to let them dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the top coat over your nails. This will help the chrome powder or polish adhere better and last longer.
  3. Dip the sponge applicator or the eyeshadow brush into the white chrome powder or polish and gently dab it onto your nails. You can cover the entire nail or just add some accents, depending on your preference.
  4. Seal your manicure with another layer of the top coat to protect it from chipping and fading.

That’s it!

How to Get Vanilla Chrome Nails at the Salon

If you prefer to get your vanilla chrome nails done by a professional, you can also ask for this service at your favorite nail salon. Just make sure to bring some reference photos with you (see below!) so that your nail technician knows exactly what you want.

To achieve a specific hue, it’s a great idea to add a few drops of color to a white polish base, so ask your nail technician to mix the perfect shade for you.

You can also choose between gel polish or regular polish for your vanilla chrome nails. Gel polish will last longer and give you a more durable finish, but it will also require more time and money to remove. Regular polish will be easier and cheaper to remove, but it will also chip faster and lose its shine sooner.

Vanilla Chrome Nail Celeb Inspiration

If you need some inspiration for your vanilla chrome nails, you can check out some of these examples from celebrities and influencers who have tried this trend.

  • Hailey Bieber: The model was one of the first celebrities to popularize the vanilla chrome nail trend. She wore them with a glazed donut effect, which means that she used a white polish over a cream base instead of a powder. She also added some tiny metallic details on some of her nails for extra sparkle.
  • Vanessa Hudgens: The actress and singer also opted for the glazed donut look, but with a peachy undertone for her cream base. She paired her vanilla chrome nails with a matching peachy makeup look and a floral dress.
  • Sydney Sweeney: The Euphoria star went for a more minimalist approach with her vanilla chrome nails. She used a single swipe of white chrome polish over her bare nails, creating a faint sheen that looked natural and chic.
  • Victoria Magrath: The influencer behind “Inthefrow” showed off her vanilla chrome nails on TikTok, where she raved about how beautiful they were. She used a slightly pinker base than the other examples, giving her nails a more feminine touch. She also said that her nails looked different depending on the lighting, from glossy to glimmering.


Vanilla chrome nails are a stunning nail trend that you should definitely try this summer. They are easy to do, versatile, and gorgeous. They will make your nails look like pearls or ice cream depending on how you style them. Whether you do them at home or at the salon, you’ll be sure to get compliments on your manicure.

Grab your cream polish and white chrome powder and get ready to shine!

And now, for some inspiration…

Vanilla Chrome Nails Pictures

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20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (1)


1. Vanilla Cloud Chrome Nails

Indulge in some seriously sweet Vanilla Chrome Nails with a twist🍨☁️✨ These elegant and sophisticated nails will give you major Cleangirl aesthetic vibes. I love the two accent nails with the slight French swirl!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (2)


2. Squoval Vanilla Chrome Manicure

The shorter squoval nails work so well with the Vanilla Chrome! I’m thinking wedding nails?

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (3)


3. Ice Cream Vanilla Chrome Nail Chic

Indulge in a creamy vanilla treat with these deliciously smooth, ice cream-inspired nails. The soft, milky white and pink base is adorned with a sprinkle of sparkles that glisten like drops of sweet syrup. It’s a whimsical and dreamy design that feels like a scoop of pure luxury on your fingertips. So go ahead, lick your lips and let your nails do the talking!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (4)


4. Vanilla Champagne Bubble Nails

These Vanilla Chrome Champagne Bubble Nails are so cute! With its almond shape and flawless gel finish, these nails are truly a work of art. The little flower accents add a touch of whimsy, which I’m all about!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (5)


5. Champagne Vanilla Chrome Nails for Summer

Get ready to rock that diva vibe with these absolutely stunning champagne-colored vanilla chrome nails! A slight twist on the latest summer trend, adding some warm hues to the white polish can create a lovely champagne color that is perfect for a fancy night out or a wedding! 🥂

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (6)


6. Vanilla Chrome Wedding Nails with Glazed Donut Shine

These are almost glazed donut nails, but not quite. The flat pink/white base makes this wedding manicure absolutely gorgeous!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (7)


7. Silver Vanilla Chrome Nails

I love the color on these nails, almost verging on a silver hue, which would be perfect to keep the trend going over the Fall and Winter!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (8)


8. Elegant Long Vanilla Chrome Nails

Long nails are just so chic, and these wedding vanilla chrome nails are no exception. If you’re going for a really striking wedding dress, you need nails to match!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (9)


9. Vanilla Chrome Almond Nails with White Decals

Get ready to fall in love with these medium-sized almond nails! The stunning vanilla chrome color is totally on-trend, making your nails the center of attention wherever you go. And those gorgeous white decals? They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to this already fabulous look!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (10)


10. Vanilla Chrome French Nails: Soft Gel Almond

Love the golden color with the subtle French on these almond-shape gel nails!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (11)


11. Vanilla Chrome French Twist with Floral Accents

Love the little twist of infusing the French tips with a touch of floral design, while keeping two Vanilla Chrome golden-hue accent nails. Amazing.

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (12)


12. Vanilla Chrome Blush Perfection

Get ready to fall in love with this stunning vanilla chrome nail with a slight blush undertone! 🤍

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (13)


13. Vanilla French with Gold Accent

Indulge in a touch of glamour with these stunning vanilla tips adorned with a gleaming gold accent. The softgel shape and short almond length add a delicate and feminine touch to your nails. A perfect choice for those who are new to nail art or looking for a subtle yet eye-catching design!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (14)


14. Metallic Vanilla Chrome on Short Almond Shaped Nails

These Chrome Nails feature an extra metallic shine that flatters short almond-shaped nails. This combo is SOOO nice, young and fresh!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (15)


15. Transparent Vanilla Chrome Nails?

How about a sheer vanilla chrome design that makes your nails look transparent?

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (16)


16. Long Almond Vanilla Chrome

Long + almond-shaped + vanilla chrome = 🤍😍

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (17)


17. Vanilla Chrome Glazed Neutral Nails: Aesthetic Nail Inspo

This buttermilk creamy base is neutral and perfect for the chrome treatment!

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (18)


18. Short Round Vanilla Chrome Nail Inspiration

Channel your inner ice cream queen with these delectable short, round, white vanilla chrome nails.

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (19)


19. Nude Color Vanilla Chrome Nail Perfection

✨Channel your inner goddess with these stunning nude-color vanilla chrome nails.

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (20)


20. Stiletto Vanilla Chrome Nails on Point

Stiletto shape Vanilla Chrome with a slight golden tint is just amazing! Perfect for an ice cream wedding mani!🍦

20 Amazing Vanilla Chrome Nails (+ Pics for Inspo) (2024)


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